Our family trip to Israel was an experience beyond words.  For years we have wanted to go, but for one reason or another, something had always come up.  From the moment we got off of the plane we hit the ground running in hopes of absorbing as much of the culture as we could.  From traveling around to army bases and getting to know the soldiers to climbing Mt. Masada to touching the Wailing Wall our trip was amazing and aroused ineffable feelings.  To recommend that other should go there and see for themselves is a massive understatement.  Under no circumstances would we ever trade the experiences we had.

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Sticky: Welcome to my website.

You may have heard of me in connection with Belkin Productions, the music production company my brother Jules and I ran for more than 40 years. Some may remember me from Cleveland Heights High School. A few even know I played pro baseball when I was a young man. More may recall me from my parents’ clothing store in Cleveland, where Jules and I worked when we were kids.

Last year, I decided to put together a website for my family and my friends. I and my wife, Annie, lead a wonderful life. It’s full of music, art and family-and, of course, various businesses I still keep my hand in. I’d like to share it with you, and it won’t just be history. It’ll be current. I’ll keep it up-to-date with my thoughts, my intentions, my accomplishments and the many wonderful activities Annie, I, our son Sam and his big brother Michael and his big sister Lisa are engaged in. For a sample, check out the pictures of the Asian trip Sam and Annie and I took last summer. Just click on the Travel category (on the left).

Naturally, I’d like your feedback. Let me know what you like about the site and what you dislike. And if you have a site of your own, be sure to link it to mine. For now, tour my world. Welcome to it.

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Belkin Family South East Asia Trip

Members of the Belkin family took these pictures between late June and the second week of July 2008. Mike and Annie Belkin and their son, Sam, visited Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. The trip was Sam’s present for graduating from Hawken School.

Click on images to expand & read captions.

CambodiaHouseboat--- While visiting the River People in Cambodia, Annie took a picture of a normal sized house for a family of five. SamnAnnie/Japan--- Mike took this picture while Sam and Annie were attempting to view Mt. Fuji. Standing in the Imperial Palace Outer Gardens, Mike snaps a photo of Sam and Annie admiring the grounds.
Sam receiving his first sak yant, a sacred Buddhist tattoo, called Gao Yord at Wat Bang Phra just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. Annie’s first sak yant, Har Tiow, done at Wat Bang Phra as well but by a different ajaran, the word used to reference a sak yant artist. Sam snatches a picture of Annie staring down an epic sculpture of Emperor Jayavarman VII’s mother at Ta Prohm in Cambodia.d
Mike and Sam eating one of their favorite dishes of Peking Duck in Hong Kong. At the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, Annie takes a picture of Mike and Sam relaxing on a ledge.

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